(In Order of Appearance)


Lexi Morgance

Lexi is the main character and most often the story is told from his point of view. He had a rather difficult childhood  due to the abuses of his drunken and mean spirited father.   Often called a sissy by his father, he tries to avoid anything that would validate that.  Not easy since he may well be gay.

Lexi has leaf green eyes and  fiery red hair worn straight and very long. He has a strong, lithe build and a fine upper body from years of heavy sword work. His sword of choice is a two handed sword with a dragon hilt

David Dutton

Lord David Dutton is a illusion mage in training and the second born child of a wealthy D'Ages nobleman. These factors have made him rather spoiled and at times arrogant. He is openly gay and generally is not fond of women.  Magic is his muse and first true love and he wishes nothing more then to one day be a master mage, no matter what it takes to do so.

David has night black hair that is cut short and grows wild and fluffy when not tamed by his trademark hat. He has  very lovely long lashed golden eyes with a slight, almost skinny build

Morna Morgance

Morna is Lexi's mother and sort of the adopted mom of all the boys. She is a fantastic cook and baker and runs the local chocolate shop. Good natured, chatty, often opinionated and sometimes pushy, she only has what she thinks is best in mind for her boys even if it is nothing at all close to what they want. Finding them all good wives do they produce lots of grand babies for her to spoil and fatten is high on her list of things to do.

Perhaps 40-50 years old, she is the perfect mom image. Dark curly chocolate brown hair cut short  and huge warm brown eyes. She is pleasingly plump, soft, wide eyed  and cute.

Ollis Morgance

A bitter, rather psychotic man that is Lexi's father.  Drink and his disappointment has made him seem evil and his efforts to toughen up his son and punish the wife he though guilty has torn the family apart.

Ollis  has black hair worn in a shaggy, unkempt cut and  cool green eyes with a mean look to them. His build is rangy and lean.

Kellington Werth

Kellington was not blessed kindly by life. He is shy, bumbling and  overly emotional, not at all comfortable in crowds. His own childhood was perhaps even more horrible then Lexi's and so he adores his new adopted mother for the love she shows him. He has a odd type of magic. He is a Insect mage, able to communicate and bond with bugs of all types that are attracted to him due to a unique pheromone that only kell produces. The side affect of this pheromone is that it also attracts human women.

Kell has  brown hair, long sideburns and sleepy blue eyes. He is big fellow, very tall and large boned and tends to be on the pudgy side.

Zack of Elder Tower

Zack is the  cheerful,  innocent and highly intelligent one of the boys. His origens are a mystery to him since   found as a babe on the steps of Monastery called the Elder towers.   He was set out from the towers in order to see the world before deciding if he should take his monk's vows.  Gentle as the day is is long, he has developed a love for Lexi.

Zack has huge dark brown eyes and long burgundy wine colored hair that is nearly always tied back in a long braid.  He has the sleek, slim and leggy  build of a runner.

Tan WhiteRaven

Tan is a first rate swords master, utterly beautiful and perfectly self-assured. He is Lexi's teacher and confidant. Tan runs a warrior's training school outside the home his shares with his elf husband.

Tan has dusky caramel skin and long lustrous blue-lack hair. His eyes are a warm golden-brown, large and lovely behind their fringe of dark lashes. He is very willowy, slender and graceful, very feminine in his looks.



WhiteRaven is a younger elf, perhaps no more then 80 years old. He is the ultimate woodsman, able to track, hunt a handle a bow with a skill that can match most any human. Something of an artist as well, he often paints his lovely human husband.

Whiteraven is a mix up of colors, his shaggy mop of fine soft hair is an even mix of black and white, mostly white on the right and black on the left. His left eye is pale blue and his right eye is a deep brown. He is an elf and has the typical slim elvin build


Princess Fen

Royalty rumored to be a mage. This is  unheard of in the kingdom. The royal line has always been without magic talents. She has been hidden away from the public for most of her life.

Fen has white blond hair worn free in loose waves around her face. She has  bright blue eyes and a stunningly curvy, ultra womanish build..


T'sagos number one man. An enchanted dragon.

Drake has dark skin, very nearly cocoa brown in color. His hair is straight black and long as is the fu man choo mustache he has. He has dark grey eyes. His build is lean and long of limb. He also has a slight hint of fangs when he smiles.

High Mage Bis'sarre

The head master of the Mage's Academy.

The high mage has allot of wildly curly, long pewter grey hair and pale blue eyes.  The Mages build is sort of stocky and square.


A very powerful mage and master of Dark Arcane. Once he was a High mage in the academy but his future was ruined by scandle. Now  he seeks revenge on mages royals and anyone else that stands in his way.

T' Sago has white blond hair worn in jagged locks around his face. He has  bright, cruel blue eyes and  pale skin. His ears are pointed but smaller then a elves, hinting at his half-elf linage.  He is whip lean and utterly graceful.