Red Lexi Fan  Art

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Kaede of View From Heaven


Little Goblet


L. Buff of Legends of Rovana

My first ever fan art. By L.Buff Tan in the 'Buff'. Nothing can cheer me like a naked Tan. By L. Buff Drake strikes a sexy pose. Lexi gets to intimately know one of the Rovana Cast. Lexi tests to see if Tan is realy always ready for attack.


A Zack comic. By Bonewoman Red Lexi, Red Sonja, big difference. By Bonewoman

AAHawley has an "Art Gallery"

Kell in a bad mood.

Rebecca, creator  "The Grand Blue Door"

Also watch the  awesome Movie preview!   she did for me!

Shamdu, the creator of "Darkness Rising"


Redefine comiks

Kam  of  "The Polygon Reports

A 'cheer up' gift Lexi.

Hppire of "Pires Away"


A. Teicher of  "Blatah"

Hinode, creator of the "Keeper of the Stars"

Star Eyes, the creator of "Phoenix Dawn"

Hawk of  "Alternate Dimension "


Heather Darrow




Bunny H. of "One Hour Axis

Dot Warner and "Dotchan"

K. Mai 

Xalan and "A Little Bit Dangerous"

A. Twu's and "Twianimation"

Endjoi is the creator of   "Wasteland Angel"

Kern, the creator of "Drow Tales"